Fine Art Printing

We use Epson printers and Ilford fine art papers. We colour calibrate our work flow with Xrite i1 Pro, what does this mean? For our customers it means amazing prints with correct colours and extended tonal range. We print on the following papers-
Ilford Smooth & Textured Cotton Rag
Ilford Gold Fibre Silk & Gloss
Ilford Smooth Pearl
Ilford Fine Art Smooth
We can print on any paper of your choice, if you have a particular paper or surface please discuss it with us.
Base Pricing
Size   W (Cm)   H (Cm)    Price       
A4   21.00   29.70    $    25.00      
A3   29.70   42.00    $    50.00       
A2   42.00   59.40    $  100.00       
A1   59.40   84.10    $  200.00       
A0   84.10   118.90    $  400.00      
Other sizes on request
We can also scan up to 5 x 4 inch film if needed- each scan is $30